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Few words about me

I'm Laura, an elite companion, an enchanting seductress, a natural-born lover. I specialize in creating intimate encounters for those who love the finer things in life. I have a distinctive appearance, I'm tall and voluptuous, with a physique of a model, sparkling green eyes and milky skin. My hypnotizing, completely natural beauty and statuesque frame might possibly be the primal focus of your attention, but I believe my personality will be the reason for our multiple encounters. Although I am in my twenties, you will find me to be confident and broad minded. I am often told that I exude a sense of both genuineness and sophistication. I’m confident in my intellect and my well-rounded cultural knowledge. I'm an expert listener and an avid conversationalist. It's my goal to make you will feel relaxed and unhurried, completely liberated.


As a truly feminine and lascivious woman, I seek pleasure devotely, and do not shy away from my hedonistic nature... and pleasure is the most fulfilling when it is shared. I possess an inquisitive and flirty personality, and being a highly sensual woman, I'm sure you find the intensity of my passion alluring. 

I love to collect and treasure impressions.

Discover flavors my taste buds never sensed before, lose myself somewhere in nature, kiss under the summer rain, spend a night chatting with a lover, share secrets under a full moon. I celebrate all the ephemeral, sensory impressions,  that make us forget the world for a while. 

Being a companion allows me to seek out these sensuous and exhilarating experiences, blessing my days with the freeing eroticism.

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